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Default horror gore exploitations movies to trade

Hi, everybody, I know its been a while, but I'm back ready to trade. I've been trading for years, especially on this board. I'm honest and reliable. Please take a look at my list and email me yours to: joshgw@yahoo.com

thanks Josh

Dick Maas (The Lift) brings us the story of a freak who terrorized the city and hides out in the canals.

Barbara Bouchet and Rosalba Neri star with Farley granger in a sexy thriller whodunnit.

Anthropophagous 2
AKA Monster Hunter. George Eastman is back in the Joe D’Amato “sequel” with Annie Bell. No longer taking a place on an island, the monster is chased by a priest and winds up in a mansion where he is hurt. He goes to a hospital (I kid you not) where he recovers miraculously and goes on a killing spree.

Arabella the Black Angel
Stelvio Massi directed sickie about a nympho who cheats on her husband, hacks them up, and she uses it for information to write a book

Bad Karma
Shot on video splatter fest. Alex Chandon’s (guy who did Cradle of Fear) first movie. Its short, about half an hour. Aliens crash a party and mayhem ensues with Hari Krishnas and ghouls.

Bell From Hell
Uncut version of the notorious Spanish shocker (the recent dvd release is cut). Not the greatest quality, but pretty watchable.

Black Cat
Dario Argento protege Luigi Cozziís version of the Poe classic

Blood Ceremony
Jorge Grau classic centering around an aging countess, who can restore her youth with the blood of others. Stars the lovely Ewa Aulin.

Blood Delirium
Bloody film with dismemberments and some necrophilia thrown in. John Philip Law plays a painter who can’t get over his dead wife and Cameron Mitchell his butler who helps him get bodies to use their blood to paint with. Also stars gorgeous porn queen Olinka Hardimann. Directed by Sergio Borgenzelli.

Blood Diner
Cannibals run diner in order resurrect their pagan goddess. Supposedly very funny.

Blood Frenzy
Six troubled teens go with their shrink to the desert for some timeout time. Then they get The Hills Have Eyes pulled on them. Directed by Hal Freeman. Yep, the guy who got porn legal. Does have some cool gore.

Blood and Lace
A teenage girl’s mother dies and she is sent to an orphanage. Only said orphanage inflicts plenty of abuse and torture on its charges. Stars Gloria Grahame as the sinister owner of the house.

Blood Rage AKA Nightmare in the Shadows
80s cheapo surrounding homicidal twins and slutty mother.

Blood Sabbath
Tony Geary (yes the guy from General Hospital) is captured in the woods by a witch’s coven, including Dyanne Thorn and Uschi Digard (and he’s complaining?). And yes there is nudity.

The Blood Stained Butterfly
Duccio Tessari directs Helmut Berger and Evelyn Stuart and a large cast in this giallo. A French student is killed in a park and a local celebrity sports reporter is caught and put on trial. But while he’s in jail, the murders continue. He’s eventually released, but was that the right thing?

Blood Stalkers
70s Drive-In fare about a backwoods loon stalking two vacationing couples in Florida

The Boogens
Real 80s cheese with a monster stalking miners. Totally plastic effects.

Full uncut import version of the Peter Jackson classic. Known as the goriest film of all time. A rare monkey turns 1950's Wellington into a death trap. It bites people and turns them into Zombies who in turn infect the rest of the town

The Brave
Johnny Depp directs himself has an ex-con Native American who agrees to do a snuff film to provide for his family.

A Candle for the Devil
Two religious spinster sisters in the Spanish countryside use their moral superiority to rid their hotel of unwanted guests.

Coto de Caza
Female public defender is harrased, violated, and attacked by the scum she defends. Sadistic sex and violence. Directed by Jorge Grau

Craving Desire
Sergio Martino directed Erotic thriller. Features Serena Grandi, the hottest woman on the planet.

Cross Current
Killings surround wealthy yachtsman at his villa after an accident.

La Cruz del Diablo
Aka The Devils Cross. Naschy penned flick about a writer who travels to Spain to visit his sister only to find she’s been killed by devil worshippers. Complete with zombies and ghosts.

Damned In Venice
Blind boy has visions of the coming of the anti-christ.

Dark Night Of the Scarecrow
made for tv flick about a mentally challenged adult, played by larry drake, who is wrongly accused of attacking a young girl and is killed by a vigilante group. his spirit comes back as a scarecrow to gain revenge.

Deadly Inheritance
Italian thriller where family contests eccentric millionaire’s estate. Stars the gorgeous Femi Benussi

Death Carries a Cane
Susan Scott stars in this early 70s Giallo.

Death Hunt
Sleazy flick from the guy who did Reflections in Black

Death Knocks Twice
Fabio Testi plays a psychopath. Also features Anita Ekberg.

Death Ship
Jack Hill penned haunted boat story. Cruise ship collides with ghost ship and the survivors board the boat after theirs sinks. Nazi ghosts bump them off.

Death Steps in the Dark
Reporter gets caught up in a murder while on a train. 70s Giallo.

The Demons (Sex Demons)
Jess Franco sleazefest with regulars Anne Libert, Britt Nichols, and Doris Thomas. Possessed nuns go around having sex with men and turning them into skeletons.

Devil Fetus
In the same vein of the Shaw Brothers horror repertoire. Woman buys phallic object enabling satan to rape her. Gore, maggots and snakes follow. Not the best quality but does have subtitles

Devil’s Possessed
Leon Klimovsky and Paul Naschy fare, this time in 13th Century France and witchcraft.

Devil’s Wedding Night
Rosalba Neri stars as a vampire who lures girls to her castle to live off their blood. Directed by Luigi Batzella.

Dr. Jekyll vs the Werewolf
Leon Klimovsky and Paul Naschy team up again. This time Naschy’s wolfman saves a damsel in distress and she brings him to swinging London where her friend Dr. Jeckyll (Jack Taylor) might be able to rid him of his disease. Not very likely.

A Dragonfly For Each Corpse
Great Klimovsky giallo with Paul Naschy (who else) and Erika Blanc. A maniac with an axe is terrorising Milan. What else do you need?

Dust Devil
Uncut version of this serial killer in the desert flick.

Edge of the Axe
Jose Ramon Larraz’s slasher entry.

Erotic Rights Of Frankenstein
One of Jess Franco's most well known flicks. Stars Lina Romay (of course), Britt Nichols, Howard Vernon and Dennis Price. Full uncut version and in English. A woman breaks into the lab to steal the creature, killing the doctor. The woman's master wants to use it to abduct woman to create the perfect female. Full of gore, nudity, and all the usual Franco trappings.

Escape from Galaxy 3
Absolutely hilarious. Cheesy and very sleazy 80s sci-fi junk. You have to check out Sherry Buchanan’s slutty Buck Rogers costume. She gets naked and has sex too.

Eye of the Labyrinth
A woman has a dream her vacationing lover is murdered. She goes to find him at an artist colony in the middle of nowhere. Directed by Mario Caiano

Eyes of Crystal
Modern day giallo that’s well made.

Eyes without a face
Bruno Mattei’s mid 90s giallo throwback surrounding a hooded killer who tears the eyes out of his victims, as described in a comic book.

Face of a Spy (FACCIA DI SPIA)
This one is really sick. Italian spy flick with tons of torture and gore.

Flower with Iron Petals
AKA Flower With Deadly Sting. Giallo with Caroll Baker and Paola Senatore star in tale of a doctor who kills his girlfriend and hacks her up. So what happens next?

Formula for Murder
Alberto De Martino giallo with David Warbeck playing a man who marries a wealthy cripple and plans to kill her for the money

The fourth Victim
AKA Death at the Deep End of the Swimming Pool. Early 70s giallo starring Carroll Baker

Invincible Barbarian
Malisa Longo takes part in this Franco Prosperi barbarian turkey

Galaxy of Terror
Roger Corman produced schlock about a space crew who encounters a weird object and violent things happen to them based on their nightmares. Cheap special effects, including a rape by maggots constructed by James Cameron. Stars Sid Haig, Erin Moran and Robert Englund.

Garden of Love
Olaf Ittenbach splatterfest with awful acting and nonsensical plot.

Gate of Hell
Umberto Lenzi 80s gorefest. Quality only fair.

Umberto Lenzi haunted house flick about a deceased girl, her doll and a deserted house n the middle of nowhere. Lots of gore and pretty eerie.

Ghost Town
Low budget 80s. Woman on the run and driving through the desert is abducted. Local sheriff looking to track her down winds up in cursed ghost town to battle supernatural forces. Story by David Schmoeller and has Charles Band’s hands all over it.

Giallo A Venezia
Mario Landi's masterpiece. Ultra sick Giallo film that has some of the most brutal sex and violence ever put on the screen. It's about a demented sex freak who achieves sexual satisfaction by violence and voyeurism put upon by his young girlfriend. The perverse game climaxes with the death of the two lovers. Who killed them? In Italian with English Subs. One of the greats.

Girl in Room 2A
A young girl is mysteriously kidnapped and taken to a country house where she tortured by the landlady and her sadistic, sexual red-hooded cult. Stars Daniela Giordano, Raf Vallone, Karin Schubert, Rosalba Neri and Brad Harris.

The Golden Lady
Jose Ramon Larraz flick that rips off Bond and Charlie’s Angels at the same time.

Halloween II TV Version
Also contains different footage, including a completely different murder and different ending.

Halloween 6: The Directors Cut ñ
Restores almost 43 minutes of unseen footage. Taken from a work print

Douglas Schulze’s low budget flick about a mad doctor performing experiments on college kids. Stars John Saxon and David Emge.

Hospital Massacre
Typical 80s slasher flick that takes place in a hospital. Stars playboy playmate Barbi Benton.

House of Lost Souls
Umberto Lenzi’s entry in the four part “Houses Of Doom” made for Italian TV in the 80s. Haunted house story about geologists who stumble onto an abandoned hotel in the middle of nowhere that was the site of nasty murders.

House of the Yellow Carpet
Early 80s giallo about a couple who put out an ad to sell a rug in their house. A strange man who says he wants to buy the rug kidnaps the wife and strange occurrences ensue.

The Housed that Screamed
AKA The Finishing School. Lilli Palmer runs a school for girls in the countryside and has a nasty streak. Full of sex and torture, the ones who try to escape don’t come back.

Human Pork Chop
Hong Kong flick that is a very sick tale about a group of meth addicted scum who kidnap a prostitute and hold her captive for months. They torture her in the most brutal and vicious ways.

Typical 80s crap surrounding dumb teenagers. A woman is raped and moves to secluded island. She gives birth to some crazy big mutant. Forty years later the kids go to the island and are tracked down by him.

Hunchback of the Morgue.
Arguably Paul Naschy's best role. He stars as the hunchback working at a hospital/medical school, a deformed guy unfairly persecuted and beaten. After too much torture he snaps and teams up with one of the doctor's and his secret experiments. Lots of great gore and action. Rumour has it they used real corpses in this one. And this time, he gets the girl. Uncut

Hungry Snake Woman
Indonesian crap with Suzanna, the only actress over there who’s name anyone knows. Sequel to the Snake Queen, with more blood and boobs.

Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire
Gory Ricardo Freda picture with the gorgeous Dagmar Lassander about a murdered woman and her affair with a diplomat.

Inferno of Torture
Terou Ishii flick from the late 60s. Japanese splatter with traditional Japanese set pieces and some anti-Christian themes

Paul Naschy directs himself as a witchfinder inquisitor in 16th Century France. He falls in love with one of his suspects. Plenty of gore, nudity, torture and satanism. Stars Daniela Giordano, Ricardo Merino, Tony Isbert, Monica Randall, Julia Saly and Maria Salerno

UNCUT print from Japan of this slasher flick in a super market. Ultra violent and includes all the gore cut from the US prints. Stars Sam and Ted Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

Invisible Maniac
Loony Scientist obsessed with being invisible cracks and kills people. With porn star Savanna

Jack The Mangler
AKA 7 corpses for Scotland Yard. Paul Naschy stars as the serial killer, but he also happens to be a cannibal. Directed by Jose Luis Madrid.

The Keep
Nazis sent to guard haunted fortress in Eastern Europe and get their due.

Killer Reserved Nine Seats
Group of people trapped in an old theater with gloved killer stalking them one by one. Stars Lucretia Love, Paola Senatore, Howard Ross and Janet Agren.

The Killers are Still Our Guests
Margaret Lee stars in this giallo about a group of thugs who hold up in someone else’s house after a robbery. Violence, nudity and sex follow.

The Killing of Satan
Is this the worst movie ever made? First of all, it is a Filipino flick made by Mexicans. A man whose family is kidnapped by the devil (where hell is a cave) tries to rescue them. On the way, he encounters boulders made out of Styrofoam, rubber snakes that turn into naked people and laser beams that shoot out of his nemesis’ hands that look like they were drawn in. With special effects and a plot so wacky do I have to mention the bad acting, dialogue or dubbing? But, you can’t deny the laugh factor. Definitely a pick for those who can’t stay away from 80s trash that’s so bad you can’t look away. Besides how many of us watched Godzilla?

Knife of Ice
Umberto Lenzi giallo with Carol Baker as a mute due to a childhood trauma. Cousin Evelyn Stewart is killed by a supposed sex maniac. But is that all it is?

Let’s Play Dead
Psychopath mother has her two deranged sons kidnap young girls and tie them up with chains

The Lift
Original 1983 Dutch classic surrounding a homicidal office building elevator. Has some sex and nudity with its gore, including a beheading. Directed by Dick Maas.

Lover of the Monster (Hand That Feeds The Dead)
Sergio Garrone directs Klaus Kinski as a mad doctor and Katia Christine in this 70s euro-horror trash.

Mansion of the Doomed
Distraught doctor tries to cure daughter’s blindness by ripping out people’s eyeballs to transplant into her. Charles Band produced with Stan Winston make-up. Stars Richard Basehart, the easy on the eyes Gloria Grahame (at least in her earlier days) and a very young Lance Henrikson.

Mardi Gras Massacre
They don’t make them like this anymore. Very sleazy, over the top gore fest about a guy who thinks he’s an Aztec priest and goes around New Orleans sacrificing woman in sick ritual slaughter. Has it all, sex, nudity, blood and all the bad acting you can take.

Mary Mary Bloody Mary
Mexican Vampire flick with an American artist who goes on rampage. Father John Carradine is the only one who can stop her.

A young woman is traumatized by the death of her mother. Soon, she becomes possessed by the same demon that possessed her mother and goes off the handle. Cheesy and over the top early 80s stuff.

Mean Machine
Gangster flick starring Chris Mitchum out to avenge his father’s death. Both Barbara Bouchet and Malisa Longo take their clothes off. What other reason do you need?

Men Behind the Sun 2
Extreme Japanese movie depicting the WWII atrocities they forced upon the Chinese. Not much different then the Nazis.

Miami Golem
Alberto DeMartino sci-fi crap where a meteor falls to the earth. Scientists find an organism on it and study it. Enter in evil villan who steals it for world domination purposes. Chock full of aliens and Atlantis.

80s low budget dreck complete with devil worshipping red necks who keep their dead mother in her bed. A teen runs away from her abusive stepfather and stumbles into their cabin. Includes really bad acting and some Tom Savini effects.

Nonsensical 80s flick about a group of friends driving through the desert stalked by psycho in a truck. Has some gore but canít make up for the horrendous dialogue and acting. Simply awful.

The Mummy's Revenge
Paul Naschy mummy movie where he has to kidnap virgins in London in order to achieve immortality. Also stars the unforgettable Helga Line.

Murder in a Blue World
Clockwork Orange rip off with Sue Lyon and Christopher Mitchum.

Murder Secret
Family goes to visit an aunt just released from a mental hospital. One by one they hacked up. Not the best of its kind, but plenty of gore and decapitations. Directed by Mario Bianchi, supposedly with help from Lucio Fulci.

Naked Blood
Great Japanese splatter film. A precocious kid develops a serum that turns pain into pleasure. He injects it into an experiment that his mother is doing on fertility. The three girls that are affected, take their reactions to the extreme. Very gory, a girl even eats her own body parts.

Naked Girl Killed in a Park
Giallo set in an amusement park. Man is killed just days after taking out $1 million life insurance policy. Then his daughter is killed and left nude.

Naked Massacre
AKA Born For Hell. Canadian thriller where a returning Vietnam vet with obvious psychological issues goes on a sex and violence spree. Based on the Richard Speck murders in the 70s.

A guy loses his wife in a freak accident (very gory) and his distraught. A demented woman who brings the recently deceased to her place to have sex with then seduces him. She tries add his corpse to her dungeon of horror. Features great gore effects and a nice and sick twist ending. In Dutch only but easy to follow.

Night Brings Charlie
slasher flick with deformed gardener in a small town.

Night of the Devils
Gianni Darko plays a traumatized man found in the woods. A Story is told about his girlfriend including witches and zombies. Has gore, nudity and sex

Night of 1000 Cats
Hugo Stiglitz plays a rich playboy who picks up beautiful women and after he has his way with them he chops them up, puts them in a cage and feeds them to his cats.

Nightmare In A Damaged Brain
Infamous violent slasher flick with rumoured Tom Savini gore effects. Has a vicious beheading with an axe. Full Uncut version and in English.

Night Of The Demon
Gory and cheesy early 80s bigfoot picture. A professor goes into the woods with some of his students looking for the myth. Bad acting and violence follow.

Night Of the Howling Beast
AKA The Werewolf and the Yeti. Paul Naschy vehicle where he’s a guy looking for the Yeti. He’s captured by two cannibal nymphos who turn him into their sex-slave and then a werewolf.

Night of the Sorcerers
Amando De Ossorio’s classic tale of researchers who discover an African voodoo zombie tribe. Fully uncut with all the beheadings nudity and sex. Uncut version taken from Japanese print. Deimos release is cut.

The Umberto Lenzi classic staring Carroll Baker as a rich American widow who moves to Italy. She falls in love with her gold digging handyman and brings his sister to join them. She finds she gets more then she bargained for.

Orgy of the Dead
AKA Return of the Zombies. Paul Naschy flick where he plays a deranged grave digger. Zombies and witches abound.

The People Who Own the Dark
A creepy Paul Naschy flick about a group of people who survive a nuclear attack and run across a group of blind people who happen to be disciples of the Marquis de Sade.

Perfume of the lady In Black
Mimsy Farmer stars as a scientist who starts having strange visions surrounding her dead mother. Very strange and convoluted, but atmospheric and interesting.

Phantom of Death
AKA Off Balance. Ruggero Deodato giallo with Donald Pleasance, Edwidge Fenech and Michael York. York plays a pianist with a rare disease that makes him age rapidly, and causes violent episodes. Pleasance is the cop out to stop his murderous rampage and Fenech plays his girlfriend. Plenty of blood to go around.

Play Motel
Full uncut version with the XXX scenes intact. Great Giallo thriller with Ray Lovelock, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Anthony Steffan. Directed by Mario Gariazzio.

Plot of Fear
Italian 70s murder mystery flick. Tons of sex and mayhem, and Corine Clery nude.

The Possessed
AKA Demon Witch Child. Amando de Osorrioís own “Exorcist” flick complete with its own spinning head. This one has a revenge element from a witch that has placed a curse on the child. Includes black masses and castration.

Queens of Evil
Italian hippie crap where Ray Lovelock encounters three chicks (including Evelyn Stewart) while riding his motorbike.

Renny Harlin helmed creepy prison ghost picture starring Viggo Mortenson as a wrongfully executed convict who comes back for revenge. Actually shot at a shut down prison.

Reflections in Black
Beautiful Dagmar Lassander stars in this giallo about a woman who kills everyone in her photograph. Lots of skin as the bodies pile up.

The Refrigerator
A killer fridge. Yes, someone really did make this.

Return of the Living Dead 3
Uncut. Bryan Yuzna directed zombie classic

Rings of Fear
This giallo starts of with the mutilation of a teen girl. She belonged to a clique of snotty schoolgirls who got into some heavy shit. Lots o nudity and sex. Stars Fabio Testi and Jack Taylor. Helga Line too.

Five doctors stalked by deranged killer in Canadian woods. Stars Hal Holbrook.

Ritual Of Death
Gory Brazilian entry into the devil/possession/sex/murder scene. Pretty low budget.

Santa Sangre
The Jodoworsky mess. Kid wakes up in mental hospital dealing with childhood traumas and his crazy circus parents. He escapes and exacts his revenge. Uncut.

The Sea Serpent
A bomb is dropped into the ocean creating giant radioactive sock puppet. Can you guess what’s next? No? How about a shallow water tank and miniatures. This piece of trash directed by Armando De Ossorio and stars Timothy Bottoms and Ray Milland.

The Sect
Michele Soavi directs a Dario Argento script about a group of Satan worshippers running around Germany killing people.

Secret of the Mummy
Out of control and over the top Brazilian flick with a scientist who supposedly discovers a way to bring mummies back to life. Tons of gore. Sex and nudity. Fun to laugh at.

Oliver Stone’s first feature length film. A horror writer has a recurring nightmare he and his family are going to die. When he starts to write the monsters in his dreams become real. Uncut version.

Extremely sleazy film starring Dagmar Lassander as a nymphomaniac who teams up with 2 losers out to make off with the proceeds from botched robbery. Gordon Mitchell and Richard Harrison also star

Silent Madness
Man released from hospital goes on killing spree. Stars Belinda Montgomery and written by Nelson DeMille. Now you know its crap.

Smile Before Death
A woman throat is slashed in a room with the door locked from the inside. Was it suicide or murder? Plus her family and friends plot against each other for the inheritance money. Silvio Amadio directs Rosalba Neri in this giallo.

Snuff Trap
Sleazebag Bruno Mattei’s comeback effort is basically a rip off of the A-list 8MM. A woman’s daughter is kidnapped and forced to perform in the underworld of porno snuff films.

So Sweet, So Dead -
AKA THE SLASHER IS A SEX MANIAC. A blood drenched giallo about an impotent killer who murders unfaithful women. Uncut. Stars Farley Granger and Femi Benussi.

So Sweet... So Perverse
Carol Baker plays a con artist in Umberto Linzi’s best Hitchcock impersonation. And boy is she good. Erika Blanc plays the mark’s unhappy wife, and there is a bit part for Helga Line.

So Young, So Lovely, So Vicious
Silvio Amadio’s classic with Gloria Guida not happy that Dagmar Lassander is her new step mother, and she plans to run her out of town with the help of her thug (and married) boyfriend. And of course we get to see them nude.

Something Creeping in the Dark
Haunted house story staring Farley Granger.

Spider Labyrinth
A professor is sent to Budapest to meet with a colleague over early religious writings. After the colleague is found dead he uncovers a cult. Sort of a giallo with creepy gothic atmosphere and supernatural elements.

Strange Love of the Vampires
AKA Night of the Walking Dead. Leon Klimovsky vampire film about a woman who has a one night stand with said vampire and is drawn to his castle where we see him and his followers terrorise the countryside. Uncut

Subconscious Cruelty
Disturbing bloody experimental and extreme flick with Lynchian proportions. Not for everyone.

Hong Kong Kung Fu Horror flick with Carter Wong complete with snake impregnation and bug eating.

Hard to find Jose Ramon Larraz effort staring Donald Pleasance’s daughter Angela. She is invited to the spooky estate of a friend of hers, only to find that her friend and the castle are not what they seem. Corpses pile up.

Charles Band schlock where a TV satellite system becomes a gateway for aliens

Three on Meathook
Cheapo Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip off. Has the girls with the broken down car, blood nudity and cannibalistic tendencies.

To All a Goodnight
Bad boy extraordinaire David Hess tries his hands at directing. Psycho dressed as Santa Claus terrorizes party at girls boarding school. Stars Jennifer Runyon.

Top Sensation
AKA Seducers. Edwige Fenech and Rosalba Neri star in this giallo aboard a yacht. Tons of sex (including Edwige and Rosalba together) and nudity.

80s movie based on a futuristic Clive Barker story about an experiment on mutants gone horribly wrong. Stars Denholm Elliot and Ingrid Pitt.

Trauma AKA Violacion Fatal
Leon Klimovsky directed this giallo surrounding a writer who travels to the Spanish countryside to finish a novel. A mysterious gloved killer knocks people off with a razor. Has his trademark gore and nudity with English subtitles.

Trauma workprint
Dario Argento’s flick with head hunter killer and the journalist who chases him. Contains 7 minutes not in the final film/video versions

Treasure of the Four Crowns
Remember those shysters Golan-Globus and Cannon Pictures? Well, this was their attempt to cash in on Indiana Jones. Originally shot in 3-D (they were always out for a gimmick) I remember seeing this in the theater as a kid. That was pretty much all it was worth.

Trilogy of Lust
Cat III Hong Kong horror pic where a woman who was abused by her father s a child grows up to be a psycho (big surprise huh). During the day, she’s a business lady, at night she cruises the streets, picks up men and when she kills them she takes body parts as trophies. Graphic and has English subs.

Tropic of Cancer
The first Voodoo/Giallo crossover? Maybe, maybe not, but it does star Anita Strindberg

Two Faces of Fear
Giallo starring Anita Strindberg and George Hilton. Professor’s wife falls in love with husband’s assistant and soon enough the paramour winds up dead.

Video Dead
1980s zombie movie. This time they come out of your TV.

Werewolf Woman
Rino Di Silvestro’s classic with Annik Borel as a very troubled woman who dreams she is a werewolf. After having sex with men, she rips their throats out. After finally falling in love, she is raped and her guy killed. Tons of gore, sex and nudity. Uncut. Shriek show DVD is framed wrong losing part of the picture.

White Alligator
Weird Indonesian flick with women who give birth to alligator and kung fu fighting sorcerers. A guy gets speared through the stomach and his opponent jumps on his shoulders and pisses on his head as he’s dying!, tones of gore, bloody dismemberments, A baby alligator chews open a woman’s stomach in graphic and crawls inside. No English

Wide eyed In The Dark.
One of Umberto Lenzi's most well known films. A group of tourists are in Italy and someone is stalking them one by one, cutting out their left eye

Within the Woods
Long lost Sam Raimi short that was the precursor to The Evil Dead. Sam made it to try and lure investors so he can make the feature flick. Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandwiess and Scott Spiegel are all here. This time Bruce is the one who is possessed. Poor quality unfortunately.

Yor, Hunter from the Future
Antonio Margharetti gives us a caveman who acts like Tarzan and fights spacemen. At least we see Corrine Cleary in sexy little outfits.

You’ll Die at Midnight
Lamberto Bava giallo where a wife is murdered just after her husband finds out she cheated on him. Bodies pile up after he is cleared.

Sex comedies/Exploitation/XXX

Abbess Of Castro
Armando Crispino directs Barbara Bouchet and Evelyn Stewart in this nunsploitation effort with plenty of nudity and torture. Uncut in Italian with English subs.

Early surreal Tinto Brass work centered around an unlucky actor and weird crap that happens to him. Stars Paola Senatore and John Steiner.

American Sexual Revolution
Early 70s documentary about the budding porn scene.

Apocalypsis Sexualis
A customary Jess Franco flick, only it’s made by Carlos Aured an Sergio Bergonzel. It does have Lina Romay and Ajita Wilson. A heiress is kidnapped for ransom by a pretty perverted gang. There’s rough sex, and torture. It even contains knife in the vagina scene. Full XXX uncut version and it has English subs. What you get in sleaze (and there is a shitload) you sacrifice a little quality. Not the best print but certainly watchable.

Baby Face
70s Alex de Renzy pic about a guy running from the law who hides out in a male brothel catering to rich housewife types. Stars Amber Hunt, Desiree West, and John Leslie.

Baby Of Macon
Unreleased 1993 Peter Greenaway project starring Julia Ormand and Ralph Fiennes. Set in renaissance a disturbing old woman gives birth to a child whom the virgin Ormand claims as her own. Its Greenaway so you know what to expect. Oh yeah, Ormand is gang-raped by hundreds of men.

Surreal adult movie center around Uta Erickson and bizarre illusions

Beauties and the Beast
One of the biggest piles of shit ever made. Big Foot (or a guy in so much fake hair he could be in the circus) terrorizes a bunch of people in the woods. Plenty of sex and nudity but no plot, no direction and no budget. Stars Uschi Digard and Sharon Kelly.

Bizarre Styles
Annie Sprinkle and Vanessa Del Rio star as employees of a lingerie company. Their fashion show turns in an S&M party. Early 80s porn at its best.

Blue Island
It doesn’t take a genius to assume this is a rip off of Blue Lagoon. Italian produced with Sabrina Sianni.

Blue Movie
Disturbing extreme 70s Italian sleaze. A woman escapes a rapist in the woods only to be picked up by a photographer who’s really a sick fuck. Degradation, humiliation, rape and torture follow. Very briefly XXX. Stars Leda Simonetti and Dirce Funari.

A 70's XXX Blaxploitation rarity. Militants capture white girls and have their way with them. Pretty brutal

A Brief Affair
Early 80s porn flick surrounding an art school. With Annette Haven, Lisa DeLeeuw, Loni Sanders and Bridgette Monet.

Caligula the untold story
Full uncut XXX version of Joe D’amato’s sleezefest. David Brandon plays the title character and Laura Gemser his consort.

Cattivi Pensieri
Edwige Fenech vehicle where her husband is completely paranoid she’s unfaithful. Tons of sex and nudity

Champagne For Breakfast
1980 XXX sex comedy starring Leslie Bovee, Kay parker, Candida Royale, Dorothy Le May, Kandi Barbour and more.

Climax of Blue Power
70s New York XXX roughie where a security guard poses as a real cop to bust prostitutes just to get freebees. One day he witnesses a woman kill her husband and vows to punish her himself. Features Rene Bond.

Confessions of a Frustrated Housewife
Another Carroll Baker vehicle, this time directed by Andrea Bianchi. Has a role for hot Femi benussi.

Directed by Roger Michael Watkins. Jamie Gillis is a business man who deals with the wrong people and gets into trouble. They threaten to hurt his family and he gets sucked into their underworld. Pretty dark but interesting. Not your typical adult movie. Also stars Kelly Nichols, Tish Ambrose, Tiffany Clark, George Payne, Samantha Fox and Vanessa Del Rio. xxx uncut

Count erotica Vampire
70s vampire porn with Keith Erickson. You’ve seen it before.

Danish Connection
John Holmes Johnny Wadd flick

Dark Dreams
70's XXX sleaze fest starring Harry Reems and Tina Russell. Couple on their honeymoon breaks down in front of a house in the middle of nowhere. They go into use the phone and come upon a coven of witches. Funny trying to watch Reems act. You can probably guess the rest.

Roger Michael Watkins’ last effort starring Tish Ambrose and Taija Rae.

Defiance of Good
A girl is caught by her psycho mother experimenting with drugs. She is sent to a mental institution where she is repeatedly raped, tortured and abused. This huge sleazefest came out of the 70s and stars Jean Jennings. XXX uncut with S&M.

Devil’s Due
70s porn with a runaway who becomes involved with a devil cult. Stars Andrea True, Tina Russell and Darby Lloyd Rains.

Devil's Honey AKA Dangerous Obsession.
Lucio Fulci's Erotic thriller with Brett Halsey and Corinne Clery. Halsey plays a doctor whose obvious malparactice leads to the death of a man. The man's girlfriend tracks him down and gets her revenge in a very Sadomastic torturous way. The relationship
between the guy and his girlfriend is pretty steamy too. Full uncut version

Devil’s Ecstasy
Classic 70ís satanic sickie where a college student goes home after her mother dies and to claim an inheritance. She stumbles across a witches coven who worship the devil. Low budget XXX trash. Stars Cyndee Summers and Ric Lutze.

A Dirty Western
Barbara Bourbon stars in this classic 70s XXX roughie about a family who owns a ranch in the old west. When Barbara’s husband leaves town for a few days, she and their three daughters are raped and terrorised by three convicts who just escaped from prison. In the end, they get their revenge.

Derek Ford’s sicko sex flick in its uncut XXX glory with pretty Heather Deely playing the lead role. Series of dream sequences, including using a castrated penis as a dildo.

Dixie Ray Hollywood Star
Early 80s porn attempt at film noir spoof. Lisa Deleeuw plays powerful on the way out actress. John Leslie the private dick. Lisa hires him to find her missing husband. One of those fun films with a real plot, bad acting and not so robotic sex. Also stars Samantha Fox, Kelly Nichols and Veronica Hart

Downstairs, Upstairs
XXX spoof on the 70s British sitcom. Stars Seka, Lisa DeLeeuw, and Kay Parker

Eden and After
French S&M flick from the 70ís. Kind of a surreal Marquis De Sade/Story of O combination.

Emanuelle amd Joanna
Sleazy 70s rape and revenge film.

Emanuelle’s Revenge
Joe D’Amato made an Emanuelle film without Laura Gemser (yes you heard right). Rosemarie Lindt (who has an impressive resume herself) fills in quite nicely. Sheís raped by big George Eastman, and sets out to exact revenge. She chains him up and makes him watch her having sex with others. Gore, Violence, nudity and sex and all the other D’Amato expectations. Uncut

Evolution of Snuff
Aka Confessions of a Blue Movie Star. Fake documentary on the porn industry and includes footage of a Roman Polanski interview. Also has deleted scenes from Last House on the Left and other creepy stuff.

Fleshpot of 42nd Street
Andy Milligan crap about a prostitute looking for love in 1970s Times Square. Stars the always bumbling Harry Reems

Jose Benazeraf and Michel Lemoine team up and take over from where Polanski’s Repulsion left off. Here, the woman lives with her sister and husband and fantasizes about them having sex and her joining in. As her mental state deteriorates her fantasies get more violent and sadistic.

The Geek
Three young couples venture onto an island rumoured to be the home of "bigfoot" to have a little fun. They encounter him alright. XXX action, and bigfoot is the proverbial man in the gorilla suit. Pretty over the top. Made on like a 25 cent budget. Quality is poor but where else you gonna get it.

Girls Riot
Standard WIP fare set in a reform school.

A girl is sent to a hospital by her parents to cure her nymphomania. But the inmates are
definitely running the asylum. Gruesome events start to happen. Hardcore XXX sex (including a killing w/ a giant vibrator) and lots of gore including a castration. 70s sleaze at its best.

Hell Hole
70s WIP trash

Her Name was Lisa -
A porn film directed by Roger Watkins. The story revolves around Lisa and her spiral downward into dope, sex and finally death. Really gritty. In fact the first scene of the movie is Lisa's corpse on the slab! XXX. Stars queens Samantha Fox and Vanessa Del Rio.

Hotel Paradis -
Women in Prison flick with Anjita Wilson. Typical rape, nudity, and sex. Female prisoners are used as slaves. UNCUT version with X rated/Hardcore inserts which are cut in most prints. In English

Hotter Than Hell
70s satan and sex crap.

Ilsa Tigress Of siberia
4th and last installment of the Ilsa WIP series. Fully uncut with the chainsaw wrestling scenes not included in other prints.

Images In A Convent
XXX Joe D’Amato nunsploitation pic with possessed women of the cloth. Uncut With English subs. The Shriek Show DVD is cut

70s XXX roughie with Kim Pope who plays a housewife and his raped when a guy breaks into her house after the husband goes to work.

I Saw Jesus Die
Danish sickie with Jesus running around among orgies and other perversions. Lots of graphic sex and violence. XXX and in Danish only.

Island Women
Jess Franco’s partner Erwin Dietrich directed this 70s sleaze fest. Brigitte Lahaie and Karine Gambier star in this women in prison movie set on an island. A paramilitary force kidnaps women to start a brothel for the troops. Also stars Nadine Pascal and France Lomay

Grindhouse exploiter about a girl with a daddy complex who goes psycho. Includes the usual sex and violence (tons of masturbation) and no budget thrills. Features the Findlay pair. Why do they make this crap?

Kneel Before Me
Avon classic with Annie Sprinkle, George Payne, Mistress Candice and Ambrosia Fox. Annie and George get married, but something sinister is brewing. He freaks out and think he's the Marquis De Sade reincarnated. Directed by Phil Prince. XXX and uncut.

Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street
Bizarre, surreal XXX French movie about four suicidal women who die in the most absurd ways. Tons of off the wall scenes including a dinner scene with chairs that have dildos attached to them. And no, it does not take place in new Orleans.

Let My Puppets Come
The world’s first (and probably only) porn puppet movie. Made by Gerard Damiano. Annie Sprinkle helped make it from behind the camera. Probably about as much crap as you think it is.

Loaded Guns
Fernando Di Leo sex comedy with Ursula Andress and rival mafia gangs in Naples in the 70s

Long Swift Sword Of Siegfried
David Friedman directs a young (and naked) Sybil Danning in this 70s version of the old Nordic myth of Siegfried. Hilarious dialogue and wall to wall nudity. Lots of sex too.

Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun
Jess Franco’s classic nunspoitation effort about a girl who sent to a convent after being caught kissing her boyfriend. She suffers all sorts of humiliation including sex with Satan.

Love Slaves
A doctor kidnaps and drugs young women forcing them in sex slavery and to be assassins. Porno Legend directs John Leslie as a cop to stop him. Also stars Sharon Thorpe and Desiree West.

Lover Boy
After Edwige Fenech’s elderly husband dies, she ventures out to visit her stepson and grand children. Guess what happens. And of course she’s naked.

Lulu’s Talking Ass
Yep, Jess Franco is at it again. He takes Pussy Talk and gives it one better. Now Lina Romay’s butthole has a life of its own. It even asks for an oscar statue to be shoved you know where. Of course, no English. Besides, has Franco ever had anything worthwhile to say?

Lure of the Triangle
Treasure Hunters have sex underwater.

Lust at First bite
Classic XXX Dracula spoof (and yes it does try to stick to the story), directed by Philip Marshak. Stars Annette Haven, Kay parker, Seka, Serena, John Leslie and John Holmes.

Magdalena: The Devil’s Female
The Walter Boos classic. A girl sent to a boarding school gets raped and possessed by the devil. Sex and blasphemy ensue.

Paola Senatore is naked again in this weird euro sexploiter about a man on vacation in a mysterious villa.

Memories within Miss Aggie
Gerard Damiano directs Kim Pope, Darby Lloyd Raines and Mary Stuart in this tale of an older woman looking back on her life and sexual exploits. XXX

Midnight Heat
Another cool Roger Watkins flick. This one stars Tish Ambrose, Jamie Gillis, Susan Nero, and Cheri Champagne. Xxx uncut

October Silk
1980 Porn flick about women’s fantasies told while they go shopping. Stars Samantha Fox, Lisa De Leeuw, Candida Royale, Abigail Clayton, Gloria Leonard and Arcadia Lake. Directed by legend Henri Pachard.

Here's an uncut print of Renato 'Reincarnation of Isabel' Polselli's sadistic sexploitation flick. This over the top flick deals with a psychiatrist who conducts a study on whether violations and obscenities, directly and indirectly, on a woman can make her change her personality. Lots of obscenities and nastiness in this one. XXX In Italian only.

Candace Rialson stars as a runaway who winds up with a painting obsessed lesbian and then a nut job who likes to lock girls up in cages.

Jess Franco XXX spoof on the Dynasty TV show. With Lina Romay. Sorry, no English.

Phallo crest
Jess Franco and Lina Romay team up again for the Falcon Crest XXX parody. no English.

Private Teacher
Kay Parker stars in this porn spoof of Private Lessons

Rape Victims.
Women go to a support group for those who have been raped and we see their stories unfold. There is even a man who was raped because two women threatened to cut his dick off. XXX 70s sleaze. Stars Vanessa Del Rio, Ursula Austin and Pamela Brown.

Revelations of a Psychiatrist
Renato Polselli’s classic XXX about a shrink relating sex tales to his students. In Italian only.

The School Teacher in the House
Everyone’s favorite Edwige Fenech returns as the hottest teacher on the planet. Lives in (and spied on) a rooming house. Plenty of her running around with no clothes on. What else do you need to know?

Screw on Screen
Plays exactly as it sounds. Screw magazine visually, like the Midnight Blue TV show Al Goldstein used to host. Porn stars portrayed themselves.

The Seduction of amy (Phantasmes)
Jean Rollinís classic XXX 70s torture flick. An evil count kidnaps women into his dungeon. Stars Monica Swinn, Catherine Castel, and Corinne Lemoine.

Seven Into Snowy
70s porn interpretation of the fairytale, Snow White. Stars Abigail Clayton and Kay Parker

Sex with a Smile
5 episode Italian sex comedy set with Barbara Bouchet and Edwige Fenech. Directed by Sergio Martino

Sex with a Smile 2
Sergio Martino directs a new anthology, this time with Ursula Andress and Barbara Bouchet

The Sexorcist
Low budget (I mean really low) fare from Ray Dennis Steckler. All his signatures are here, XXX sex and a devil worshipping cult. A reporter is investigating them and trouble ensues.

A couple are having sex, and the man takes a drug called Sexplosion, which turns him into a monsterous madman with a huge new member. XXX and gore. No English.

Sex Psycho
AKA Widow Blue. Early 70s low budget trash surrounding a married couple who are each cheating on each other. The wife plots to kill the husband and does so with the help of her brother. Then she and the boyfriend have sex in the same bed with the corpse still there! Some gore, incest and necrophilia thrown in. Stars genre regulars Sandy Dempsey and Rick Cassidy and directed by Walt Davis.

Sex Wish
70s classic XXX roughie with Harry Reems, Terri Hall, Zebedy Colt and CJ Laing. Colt is maniac (isn’t he always) who goes around raping and killing women with a stocking over his head.

Sex World
Porn spoof of Westworld with Annette Haven, Kay Parker, and Abigail Clayton.

The Shackle
South Korean sickie about a writer who kidnaps, tortures, rapes and kills beautiful women. Has been compared to Beautiful Girl Hunter.

Sodomia (aka Violation of The Bitch)
Full uncut XXX version of the Jose Larraz classic. Very rare flick of a confused woman, repressed painter in a secluded country home and their weird dreams. Includes the hollowed out horse scene intact.

Story of Joanna
Gerard Damiano attempt at a Story of O type melodrama. With Terri Hall and Jamie Gillis. XXX

Sweet Sugar
Standard Women in Prison flick.

Telephone Book
Early 70s, not quite XXX (but its pretty vulgar), and absurd. Laugh-In regular Sarah Kennedy plays a wholesome girl who falls in love with her obscene caller and tries to track him down. Yep, in New York no less. And did I mention his name is John Smith? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. B&W with some color animation at the end. Also has a tiny bit part for Jill Clayburg.

Through the Looking Glass
One of the most notorious porn flicks of all time. Bored socialite finds a portal to the devil through an old mirror in the attack and goes on an Alice in Wonderland type adventure with bizarre and S&M sex acts. Surreal and well made. XXX uncut

From Curt McDowell, the man who gave us Taboo. This is the full 160 minute version. B&W and very low budget. It takes place during a storm in Nebraska and six people together in a farm house. There's straight sex, gay sex, cucumbers, rubber dolls and more.

The Tiffany Minx
XXX roughie where a guy and his mistress set out to drive his wife crazy so they can make off with her money. Rape, stabbing and murder along with the sex. With Samantha Fox and Candida Royale.

To be Twenty
Gloria Guida and Lilli Carati do their thing. Two young girls out for some fun, traveling and picking up guys. All their screwing around comes to an unfortunate end. This is the full uncut version with the brutal conclusion cut from American prints. Directed by the late great Fernando Di Leo.

Top Secret
S&M porn with Vanessa Del Rio where she infiltrates a crime ring that abuses women and then discovers she likes it.

Unwilling Lovers
Annie sprinkle and Terri Hall stars in this Zebedy Colt XXX 70's roughie. He's a retarded maniac on the loose. Surprised?

Waves of Lust
70s sleaze from Ruggero Deodato. A scum business man picks up a woman and then invites another couple on his boat. What follows is sexual tension and obvious sex, brutal beating and sadism.

Women’s flesh
Japanese splatter, sex, and mutilation nasty. Woman is in a room with a supposedly hidden camera where she does sick stuff to herself. No English, but not really any dialogue anyway. Besides, what would you need it for?

A Woman’s torment
70s roughie by Roberta Findlay

Wrong Way
Obscure 70s exploiter where two young girls driving in the middle of nowhere breakdown. A gang of hippies rape them, and when they escape they run into a death cult that rapes them again and plans to kill them. Not necessarily original, but plenty of sleaze.


Pilot for unaired TV show where Leonard Nimoy plays a race car driver who has ESP visions of people being killed. Susan Hampshire plays the believer who tries to help him. Has to be seen to be believed.

Underrated 90s TV show starring Peter “Thirtysomething” Horton that only lasted 13 episodes. He was a cop who was sent to hell after killing the guy who raped his wife. After 113 “people” escape from hell, the devil promises to send him back to earth if he sends them back to hell. Not as cheesy as it sounds and has some attitude.

China Beach
Pilot episode from acclaimed Vietnam TV show.

80s disaster miniseries where a deadly hurricane is about to hit Florida and its luxury condos on the beach. With Barbara Eden. Not the best quality.

David Cronenberg Shorts
Two episodes he did for Canadian TV. One from the series Peep Show and the other for Teleplay

Freddy’s Nightmares
Entire series of the movie spin off

Ghost Story/Circle of Fear
Seminal 70s gothic horror TV show in a similar format to Twilight Zone. William Castle served as the executive producer and some episodes were written by people like Richard Matheson and Harlin Ellison. Only lasted one season, all the episodes right here.

Dark 2002 series that features Matthew “Lost” Fox as a cop who escapes death and is never the same. All 11 episodes (only 7 aired on UPN) and an unaired pilot episode. There’s even a part with Billie Joe from Green Day on one of the shows.

It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
How can you forget this childhood classic?

120 Minutes
Boat load of episodes from its heyday of cool indie/college rock back when “alternative” really was. Those of you who remember Kevin Seal in the 80s and early 90s back then can see him again here.

Parker Lewis Can’t Lose
Seminal teen comedy from the early 90s. Part of the early Fox schedule when 21 Jump Street was on. With sight gags and creative camera tricks with its wit this how was ahead of its time.

Complete Series run, including nine episodes that Fox didn’t show before it was cancelled in 2002. Fun and trashy prime time soap surrounding powerful family and a murder cover up. Stars Dana Delaney, Martin Donovan, Philip Baker Hall, Balthazar Getty and Alison Lohman.

Someone’s Watching Me
John Carpenter TV movie with Lauren Hutton who plays a woman stalked by a creep in her apartment building who can’t stop calling her. Also stars then wife Adrienne Barbeau.

Star Wars Holiday Special.
The classic. Wookies, vintage toy ads and all.

Tales of the Gold Monkey
Goofy adventure TV series from the 80s about a bush pilot in the South Pacific played by Stephen Collins and the wacky stuff that happens to him and his friends. Has been accused as a rip off of Indiana Jones. Also stars Roddy McDowell. Have all episodes (only one season) and two hour pilot.

Touching Evil
Cool cop show US remake of UK show that was on USA with unorthodox detective who also cheated death. Stars Jeffrey Donovan and Pruitt Taylor Vince.

All three episodes of this short-lived show on ABC brought to you by Kevin Williamson and the Weinstein brothers. Centers around six friends who just graduated college trying to make it in New York. Stars Marisa Coughlin, Rebecca Gayheart and Brad Rowe.


addio ultimo uomo (the last savage)
Italian mondo concerning African tribes. Not for the faint of heart. Filled with real sick violence and gore, severed limbs, genital mutilation. Supposedly all real and not staged. Narrated in Italian.

Apocalypse Now workprint

The Black Sun
German documentary about the connection between the Nazis and the occult, mythology and cults. Based partly on the Goodrich Clarke book. English subs

The Dead
John Huston’s last film based on a James Joyce short story about a couple where the wife never got over her first love. Stars Anjelica Huston

Forty Deuce
Paul Morrissey directs Kevin Bacon and Esai Morales as hustlers in 1980 Times Square.

Glen and Randa
Post apocalyptic flick where two teenagers finally venture outside decades after destruction

James Joyce’s Women
Fionnula Flannagan stars In this tribute to the master

Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park

The Peanut Butter Solution
11 year old kid literally gets the stuffing scared out of him after sneaking in to a haunted house. It makes his hair fall out. He then uses peanut butter to make it grow back, but his hair wonít stop growing. Soon, his friends start getting kidnapped. What’s the connection?

Pets Or Meat
Michael Mooreís short following up in Flint after Roger & Me. Includes clips of his calling Roger Smith from his office.

Poor Cow
Ken Loachís drama about a young woman who’s boyfriend goes to jail and she tries to survive with their young son. Stars Terence Stamp.

Full length movie of the trippy television show.

Various Nazi Concentration Camp Shorts
Also has a 5 minute Hiroshima Aftermath silent clip from 1946.

When the Wind Blows
Serious and politically charged animated feature about nuclear war in 1980s Britain. Citizens are given money to build shelters and wait out impeding doom. Features the voices of Peggy Ashcroft and John Mills.

You Could be Arrested
Documentary/Teaching tool that Amnesty International made in the 1980s about civil rights and freedoms targeted at teenagers. Hosted and narrated by Kevin Bacon with music by U2.
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