View Full Version : Quick Thoughts on Recent Viewings

09-25-2005, 07:08 PM
Bang Rajan(Thailand)- Historical Thai war movie. The village of Bang Rajan holds off invading armies. Top shelf(for a Thai film) production values. However, aside from it being set in a historic period that I'm not famliar with there wasn't much new going on for me. Reviews led me to think that the film would be excessively bloody and violent, but it wasn't. Most of the fights are violent hack and slash, but rather "dry" and bloodless. The final battle is bloodier, but nothing special. Decent film but not great.

Musa(S. Korea)- Great movie. I think Devilman has gushed about it elsewhere on this board. Another historical epic with top shelp production values. Korean diplomats get lost in China during a civil war, must rescue a princess and fight their way home. Fights/battles are nicely staged with plenty of blood and flying body parts- just the way I like'em! My one concern is that I viewed the shorter "International" cut that runs 130 minutes, I've read there is a longer 150 something minute cut. What's missing? The shorter version didn't seem cut up.

School of the Holy Beast(Japan) 1970s Japanese Nunsploitation directed by Norifumi Suzuki. Beautifully shot naked S&M nuns, what more could you ask for? Oh ya it's got some murders too, lesbo sex, and a head priest who is a rapist! And a hanging that looks a lot like the opening murder in Suspiria, even though it was released 4 years before that film! Cult Epics new dvd also has a really good 16x9 transfer and come cool interviews.